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Will & Starr - Engagement Photos

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

When Starr mentioned they would like to do an all day engagement session I was beyond thrilled! We started the day on the Española Plaza, where the couple had their first date. After chowing down on the Blake's burritos, generally marveling over their wonderfully behaved dog, Lelia, we walked across the street and checked out the awesome murals.

Then we drove all the way up to Chama! These photos were a challenge because they were taken right around noon, which is a rough time to get good light. Yet, we got some great ones and had a fantastic time exploring the train station.

We stayed in Chama for our next location. Will and Starr changed outfits and we headed over to a spot that Will had picked out (he used to live in Chama). I can't really pick a favorite spot from this shoot because I enjoyed all of them, but this was pretty spectacular.

After stopping for a bite to eat we headed back down toward Abiquiu. In Abiquiu we actually stopped at three locations!

I also had some fun with some of their photos and turned a few into photo illustrations (photoshopped images) depicting some out of this world vistas and fancy skies.

I can't wait for their wedding next year!!

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